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Eco-friendly serveware is $6 per place setting | All orders require a $250 order

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ECB charcuterie, olives, marinated vegetables, Kite Hill whipped cheese and herbs and house pita $18 per person
Add chicken liver patè $35 per pint

Poached Wild Salmon

Capers, lemon, dill aioli, cucumbers and butter lettuce leaves for filling
$18 per person

Asian Chicken lettuce wraps

Cucumber, carrots, sprouts, avocado, crushed macadamia nuts, butter lettuce, avocado and lime crème sauce $18 per person

Avocado toast Platter

Canyon Bakery toast points, avocado smash, toasted pepitas, shaved radish and micro greens $15 per person
Add hard-boiled egg $2.5 per person


An abundance of seasonal farmer’s market vegetables with duo of house ranch and almond romesco sauce $10 per person


Serves 6-8

Comes with side of breakfast potatoes

Seasonal Vegetarian Frittata

Pastured eggs, seasonal vegetables, charred greens and herbs $55

Bacon & sausage Frittata

Pastured eggs, house sugar free bacon, chicken sausage, greens and herbs $70


House made Gluten Free Belgian Waffles

Served with organic maple syrup and seasonal fruit or berries
One dozen minimum | 2 per order | $8 per person

Coconut Yogurt Parfait

Living Superfood yogurt, Purely Elizabeth grain free granola and seasonal fruit. One pint jar serves 1-2 | $18 each

farmer’s market sides

Serves 8-10

Smashed potato with chives $35

Roasted herb & garlic fingerling potato $35

Celery root $28


Yellow and Green Zucchini Noodles $28

Cauliflower rice

with herbs and EVOO $30

Creamy sweet potato & maple syrup mash $35

Spicy Napa Cabbage coleslaw $30

Brussel sprouts

with bacon & maple syrup $45

Greens & garden goodness

Small: 8-10 servings $70

Large: 12-16 servings $120

Aunty Maura’s Farmers market Salad

With greens, vegetables, citrus and edible flowers

Heirloom tomato & cucumber

Zucchini ribbons with citrus

With carrot top pesto and pistachio crumble


Farmer’s market selection | Serves 8-10 | $55


Farmer’s market selection | Serves 8-10 | $55


Farmer’s market selection | Serves 8-10 | $55

main course salads

Small: 8-10 servings

Large: 12-16 servings

Chicken & Bacon Cobb

Baby lettuce, chicken, hard boiled egg, bacon bits, cherry tomato, gluten free sourdough crouton, warm bacon dripping dressing, vinegar, mustard, salt, date sugar and avocado oil
Small $85 | Large $160

Tuna Nicoise

Lettuce, American brand pole & line caught canned tuna, hard boiled egg, green beans, olives, baby potato, cherry tomato and french vinaigrette
Small $75 | Large $125

Chopped Greek with ECB Salami

Romaine, olives, pepperoncini, cherry tomato, capers, bell pepper, cucumbers, artichoke hearts, salami and Kite Hill ricotta crumble
Small $65 | Large $130

Chinese chicken with Siete tortilla crisps

Lettuce, chicken, citrus segments, chives, toasted coconut amino almonds and crispy Siete tortilla strips
Small $55 | Large $85

Citrus, jicama, arugula & Avocado

Citrus vinaigrette
Small $55 | Large $90

Classic potato

Weiser Farm potatoes, Primal Kitchen mayo, celery seed, chives, salt and lemon juice
Small $45 | Large $80

Family Style ENTRÉES

Includes a farmers market salad & housemade dressing


PastureBird chicken includes boneless breast, bone–in thighs, legs and wings
Served with sautéed greens & heirloom carrots
2 chickens | Serves 6-8 | $145
4 chickens | Serves 10-14 | $210
Suggested Farmer’s Market Side:


StempleCreek brisket and short ribs
Served with a root veggie mix
2 lbs | Serves 6 – 8 | $110
5 lbs | Serves 10-16 | $240
Suggested Farmer’s Market Side: Smashed Potato with Chives


StempleCreek Ground Beef Burger kit includes:
Housemade “special” sauce
Ready to grill seasoned ground beef
Basic trimmings; sliced onions, tomato, house pickles and lettuce
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free buns
2 lbs | serves 3-4, includes 4 buns | $75
4 lbs | serves 6-8, includes 8 buns | $150
Suggested Farmer’s Market Side: Classic Potato Salad

Italian Meatballs

Stemple Creek Ground Beef & Llano Seco Pastured Ground Pork
18 meataballs | serves 4-8 | $35
36 meatballs | serves 10-14 | $68
add raw zucchini noodles for $12 | serves 4
Suggested addition: Housemade basil pesto

Beef Ragu Meat Sauce

Stemple Creek ground beef
Quart | $24
add raw zucchini noodles for $12 | serves 4

Pastured Pork

Pulled Pork shoulder with sugar free & whole 30 compliant House made BBQ sauce
Pickled vegetable side
2 lbs | Serves 4-8 | $65
5 lbs | Serves 10-14 | $140

Vegetarian Entrees:

Vegetarian Lasagna

Capellos GF lasagna sheets, zucchini, Kite Hill cheese, simple tomato sauce, toasted almond crumbs, herbs
½ sheet pan | serves 6-10 | $95

Butternut Gratin

Caramelized onion, chard ribbons, almond crumble, sage
½ sheet pan | serves 6-10 | $55

Family Style Sides

Small: 8-10 servings

Large: 12-16 servings

Cauliflower rice paella

Cauliflower, market vegetables, edible flowers, herbs and spices
Small $90 | Large $125

Summer squash gratin

Squash, almond crumble, olive oil and herbs
Small $35 | Large $60

Rainbow Ratatouille

Rainbow of seasonal vegetables, tomato ragu and herbs
Small $38 | Large $75

Citrus marinated roasted beets

Orated beet, salt, citrus vinaigrette, chives and preserved lemon
Small $40 | Large $65

Charred Broccolini and herbs with citrus

Broccolini, thyme, rosemary, olive oil and citrus zest
Small $45 | Large $90

Cauliflower with tapenade & fried capers

Cauliflower florets, kalamata olives, castelvetrano olives,
olive oil and capers
Small $85 | Large $140