Meet the Chef

Chef Cathy Eilos

Cathy McKnight
The Soul of Our Kitchen

Cathy’s love for making delicious food started while binge-watching Julia Child’s public cooking show at age seven. It stayed with her through college, and after completing a pre-law degree at U.C. Davis, she knew she had to swap the business suit for a chef coat. She spent the next few years working in restaurants, cafes, and taking any course work she could afford from The California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. And the industry was changing.

By slowly starting to source ingredients from nearby gardens and farms, Northern California started the “real” food movement we see and feel today. We dreamed of changing the processed food industry, and we were at the forefront.

Cathy started a catering business in 1990 inspired completely by simple, fresh, local, seasonal ingredients prepared in a way that enhanced what the earth had already provided. Nothing processed, ever – unless it’s her garden pickles in a hot water bath. She’s held on to that philosophy and is entirely committed to supporting California farmers and ranchers, carefully inspecting each to be sure she’s providing the cleanest, most eco-friendly food to the people. Her ingredient partners are all as serious as she is about protecting our ecosystems and fixing a broken food industry.

Cathy has also been an enthusiastic participant in Green Feast for seven years. She’s constantly inspired by the chefs, growers, farmers, and The Ecology Center and their tireless efforts to educate and preserve this beautiful environment we’re lucky to have.

Eat with abundant love and respect for our earth.

Love, Chef Cathy

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