Meet the Founders

Aileen Kruidenier

The Founders Story

Aileen Kruidenier is a certified health coach with extensive knowledge, both personal and professional, about the health benefits of clean eating. Aileen, together with her husband and business partner Chris, are experienced restaurateurs who have used their industry knowledge to create a healthy lifestyle concept that is committed to delicious grain-free and organic living. Eilo’s offers meals that never feel like a substitute for a traditional diet, embracing a holistic approach to wellness that uses nutrition as a foundational building block. Because the truth is, most people don’t know just how good the human body can really feel.

Aileen is inspired by her paternal grandmother in Ireland, known as Eilo, whose positive outlook on life impacted Aileen tremendously through their weekly calls. Eilo lived an authentic life and her name, Eileen, means light. She discovered a true artistic talent late in life as she dealt graciously with a serious illness and she encouraged Aileen to pursue her passions without waiting for a “right time” that might never present itself. The Krudenier’s named their concept after her, and will continue to draw inspiration from the positivity and light of the namesake.

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