What is Micro-Sourcing?

Airstream Catering Company Southern California

The stuff nature intended us to eat

Grown on the very land we stand on. We get our fruits and vegetables from independent farms that are just a morning’s drive away. In fact, if you ever see us at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market with arms full of peaches in the spring, or stacks of asparagus in the fall, say hello! And make sure to ask what we’re cooking up for dinner that night.

Eilos Catering Services in Orange County CA


is our term to describe the care we put into selecting our hyper-local ingredients, and the importance we put on eating in-season foods from our region.

Eilos Catering in Orange County
Eilos Catering Services in Orange County
Airstream Catering Company Southern California

it goes back to the basics

Eating fruits, vegetables, and meats that have been living and thriving in California since the beginning of time. Staying away from inflammatory, allergen rich or processed foods that make people feel heavy, and lovingly crafting dishes with responsibly farmed ingredients. No fake junk or artificial anything. Ever.

Every single ingredient is born, raised, and harvested in California

Between Temecula and Marin county, actually. With one small exception – our signature Eilo’s Ghee is lovingly crafted with grass fed Kerry Gold Butter from Ireland. (Our name and founder are Irish, after all.) Our hyper-local sourcing focus feeds your body well.

Healthy Wedding Catering Southern California
Healthy Catering Company Southern California

We love our chefs, but we think delicious food comes from the ingredients

We partner with ranchers that grow their animals on pastures, enjoying the open air, eating the food they’d eat in the wild, under humane conditions. They’re the new generation of regenerative farmers – we like to call them renegade ranchers. The people who do it because they care about food, but more importantly, because they want to truly change the American food culture of the future. And you know what? So do we.

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